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Parent Involvement


Parent Committee


Parents are an essential part of our program since they are active participants in the classroom and parent group activities, in the child’s growth, and in the program planning and decision-making process.  Below is a few of the many opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s educational experience at Calloway County Preschool/Head Start.

  • Monthly Parent Meetings
  • Policy Council
  • Parent Involvement Advisory Council
  • Health Services Council
  • Volunteer in classroom/Head Start office
  • Open House
  • Fall Festival
  • Parent Trainings
  • Christmas Program
  • Fatherhood Activities
  • Literacy Night
  • Reading Is Fun Program
  • Parenting Classes
  • Volunteer Appreciation
  • End of Year Picnic
  • Annual Chili Cook-off
  • Child Abuse Prevention activities
  • Monthly Parent Volunteer Recognition
  • Sunshine Room




It is the philosophy of Head Start that parents serve as their child’s first and foremost teacher.  Parents are encouraged to participate in the program in a variety of ways in order to increase their effectiveness in their role as parent.  Parents participate in home visits and conferences with their child’s teacher and may volunteer to assist in the classroom and with special classroom events and field trips.  Volunteer appreciation events are held throughout the year to recognize and show appreciation for parents and community members who serve as volunteers in any capacity.

In addition, parents are encouraged to participate in regularly held  parent committee meetings and social events that provide opportunities for socialization with other parents.  Parents may choose to serve in leadership roles as a parent committee officer and assist in planning for parent involvement events and training opportunities for families.  Parents may also serve as representatives on the Health Services Advisory Committee or Parent Involvement Advisory Committee.  The advisory committees normally meet twice a year in conjunction with family service workers and specialists from the Murray Head Start central staff office.

Parents may also have the opportunity to serve as a representative on the Policy Council, which serves as the governing body overseeing the delivery of quality services to children and families.  Policy Council is composed of one parent representative elected from each district and a total of three Early Head Start parent representatives elected from center-based participants, home-based participants, and Western Kentucky University Early Head Start participants.  Parents are elected to serve on Policy Council for one year, and may be re-elected to serve up to three separate one-year terms.  Policy Council meetings are normally held monthly in a central location.  Nominations for Policy Council elections take place when the Preschool/Head Start program begins in the fall.

Parents who are interested in volunteering or serving in any leadership role may contact the Head Start Family Services office for additional information at 762-7410.